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Posted Friday May 25, 2012 10:00:33 PM EDT

I’m going to start out, before I go into the specifics of certain crystals and stones, about the so-called Certificates of Authenticity for Metaphysical Crystals that are being sent out with many crystals.

First of all, I am a Graduate Gemologist, Crystal Dealer, Reiki Master, and an Affiliate of the Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors. I do believe in the healing powers of crystals and stones, and also many metaphysical crystals are trademarked by my specific name for them. I want all of you to please read this sentence again. MY specific name for them. This is a channeled name that I have personally received for the metaphysical crystal or stone, but this does not make the crystal or stone any different than any other metaphysical crystal or stone that another dealer is selling. The only difference is that I have personally held the stone and spoke with a higher being and have been told that these stones contain certain attributes. They are one hundred percent the exact same stone as another dealer’s stones. This doesn’t mean that the metaphysical crystal doesn’t contain healing qualities. It most certainly does. But it does mean that the stone is the same as the next dealer’s stone which doesn’t have a fancy name.

This doesn’t mean that quartz, just because it came from North Carolina or Vermont, is any different than another quartz originating from that same region. All this means is that the person who is selling this stone has channeled a specific name for it. The gemological facts are one hundred percent the same. The metaphysical dealer has often taken a common crystal, put their own trademarked name on it, hiked up the price, and customers are paying a lot of money for a crystal that is worth only a dollar or two. These are dealers who are supposed to be very spiritual, but somehow have lost their way and entered the world of greed. What has happened?

The reason why I’m reporting this is that I believe this is one of my missions in this world (besides taking care of sick people), and why I’m here on Earth this go-around. This is my karmic duty, and I want to help people understand that there are many people in the gem world who aren’t quite as spiritually evolved as one might think, and a fancy certificate does absolutely nothing except pad the dealer’s pocket with a lot of money.

The purpose of these writings is to inform people that a lesser price can be paid for many crystals and not to be fooled by crystals with trademarks. I also sell trademarked stones, but this doesn’t make them any different than others from the same area. It only means that I’ve channeled a name for them, and everyone needs to understand this fact.

I hope to be including pictures of trademarked stones, alongside their more “common” counterparts, and will be testing them with various scientific equipment, and will report the findings to you. I’ll also name the names of the trademarked stones, and if I can find the mine they came from, I’ll also report that. I’m going to report everything I find. I don’t want people to be ripped off by something that be purchased for only a dollar or two. It’s not right, and even more so when the buyers are essentially purchasing metaphysical crystals for spiritual reasons.

There has always been deception in the gem world, but it’s more rampant these days among metaphysical crystal dealers. It’s surprising to find out that they’re not honest. I’ve always wanted to believe that metaphysical dealers care about their customers, but it seems as if a few have lost their way. And this is indeed sad.


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Friday May 25, 2012 10:00:33 PM EDT


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